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Providing assessment and treatment of foot health problems primarily for people with existing medical conditions which place their lower limbs at risk of loss of function or amputation. Includes nail surgery.

What do we do?

Our core podiatry service is for adults who have an increased risk of developing an ulceration or limb threatening condition, or for those who have a disability that prevents them from caring for their own feet.

For people who do not meet these criteria we can offer foot health advice about how to self-care.

We also provide:

  • nail surgery to permanently remove troublesome nails under local anaesthetic
  • biomechanics to provide assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in the foot and lower limb which require insole provision
  • wound management in combination with other healthcare professionals.
  • a multidisciplinary diabetic foot service within Queen’s Hospital, Burton, in which our specialist podiatrist and the hospital diabeteology team care for those with diabetic foot crisis.

Although most of our services are provided within community clinics and some GP practices, we also provide care at home for people who are registered as housebound.

How do people access the service?

To access this service you need a referral from your GP or other health and social care professional. If you’re not suitable for our service, then we may signpost you to other health care professionals who are more appropriate to meet your needs.

What can you expect if you are referred to this service?

If you are referred to our podiatry service you will receive a letter inviting you to attend a new patient assessment appointment where we will review your medical history and assess your foot health status.

During the assessment the podiatrist will ask to examine your feet so please wear comfortable shoes which are easy to remove and loose clothing so that we can observe your lower limbs.

The podiatrist will identify your foot health care needs. You may be discharged with self care education and support, or agree a treatment plan with you arranging further appointments as they see fit, or refer you to a more appropriate service to meet your needs.

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